WeSolve Engagement Guide


The WeSolve platform is designed to bridge the gap between nationalities, cultures, and facilitate communication sharing and open innovation. Our solution will help to better include all members of your community. 

The solution has several features: including surveys, collection of ideas, experiences, and news. Additionally, there is an automatic translation system that allows people to communicate across nationalities and languages.

Get Started 


             Verify your credentials

Connect to https://organisation-url-name.wesolve.app/login/admin/

Enter your credentials
        Username: admin
        Password: YoUrPasSwoRd

You will get access to the WeSolve management panel where you can:

  • Create challenges
  • Create surveys
  • Create news 
  • View proposed ideas
  • View shared experiences
  • View answers to surveys
  • Manage ideas/experiences/surveys
  • Manage users
  • View statistics about the engagement of your community

How to create: Challenge

On the right-hand side of the menu, you can find the category Challenge.

Click here to find the sub-categories Overview and Ideas.

Click Overview

Click the button on the top left of the panel Create New Challenge.

Choose a Title for the Challenge (this title will be visible to the users on the mobile app)

Insert a Description for the challenge (describing what you want to achieve and the benefits for the community). 

Add an Image to your challenge to make it look more appealing and give more meaning. 

Specify the Deadline and the Publishing Date of the challenge:

Choose a Category for the challenge and define which of your different engagement groups, for example customers, employers, stakeholders, etc. can see the specific engagement activities through the Group Visibility.

Specify using the Are Ideas Auto Approved? check the box if the ideas proposed by the members will be automatically approved, otherwise, they would require approval from the administrator before being published.

Click on Publish to publish it or Safe as Draft. 


How to create: Surveys

On the left menu, sidebar click Surveys

Click the button on the top left of the panel Create New Survey

Choose a Title for the survey (this title will be visible to the users on the mobile app).

Insert a Description for the survey (describing what is the goal of the survey and what actions are going to be taken after the survey deadline)

Specify the Deadline for the survey and the Publishing Date of when the survey will be published

Add an Image that better describes the survey (the image will be seen by the user in the app).

With the Designer Tool you can design new surveys. 

With the Preview you can see what they look like for your user.

The Translation auto-translates the content.

Click on Add a Question to write your first survey question. 

The specific types of surveys are explained in the next section.

Click Add Option to add one/more options for the answer.

Click Add Question to add more questions.

Click Publish or Safe as Draft. 

The Survey Design & Options

In the Designer Panel, you can find all available survey options listed for you to pick the best one for your purpose. 

Questions can be added by simply dragging the preferred survey option to the field.

Start your survey by adding a title and description that describe the purpose and goal of your data collection. 

The following survey designs can be picked:


The Radiogroup allows you to add answer options to your question by adding them with a click on the Green Plus

There is also the option to add NONE as an answer, when none of the displayed answers match the participants’ experience.

In the settings option you can define tour survey further.


With the rating option, the survey question can be rated by numbers from 1 – whatever numbers you prefer.

By clicking on the Green Plus, numbers can be added, by clicking on the red minus, numbers can be removed.

On the right side, you can choose if the question and ranking should be 

  • visible to your participants
  • required to answer, which adds the red star at the side and makes it mandatory, 
  • to read only but not to answer
  • show the comment area to get additional feedback through comments


With the checkbox option, you are able to provide multiple answers to a question, which can be checked in the provided boxes.

By clicking on the Green Plus Symbol, you can add options to your question.
By clicking on the Red Minus Symbol, you can remove checkboxes.

You also have the choice to offer the check-all option by adding Select All.

Dropdown Menu:

The dropdown option lets you add choices that are being displayed in a dropdown menu. 

The dropdown option lets you add choices that are being displayed in a dropdown menu. 

By clicking on Green Plus, you can add choices. 

By clicking on the Red Minus, you can remove choices.


The boolean option gives your participants the choice to simply answer a question with Yes or No. 

Here it is important to ask only close-ended questions.


Pick how you want to label the “true” and “false” label on the right side and add words of your own choice.

 Image Picker:

The Image Picker gives you the choice to let your participants answer a question by clicking on an image, which resembles the answers the most. 

The images can easily be uploaded by clicking on the Folder Icon and removed by clicking on the Trash Can Icon. 

Image Captions and Multiple Selections can be enabled on the side to provide additional information and let the participants choose more than one option.


The Ranking option allows you to let your participants choose options from the most important to the least important.

Click on the Green Plus to add items and on the Red Minus to remove them from the list.

Single Input:

With the Single Input option, you can create questions, to which your participants can give a single input in the form of written text.

Add questions by clicking on Add Question and let your participants answer in their own words in the text field. This is a great option to find meaning in lived experiences and opinions.


The Single-Choice-Matrix lets you ask multiple single-choice questions in a row. The participant selects one answer per row.

After defining your question, you can define the columns and rows with factors that will specify the collected data. 

How to create: News

On the left menu sidebar click News.

Click on Create News to create news.

Insert your Title and Content about the information you want to convey to your audience.

Select the Publishing Date when you want to publish the news to your audience, Category and Visibility.

The Administration Panel

The administration panel gives insights into everything related to the administration of the platform such as users, registrations, languages, settings and notifications.
Here, also the language of the platform can be changed by clicking on the flag at the bottom of the screen.

How to Register Users

In the management panel, users can be added to the organization and user activities can be put to active in the tab User.

Here a new user can be created by clicking on Create new user. Here also Groups can be managed and the Demographics of the users can be seen. 

In the new field, personal details and contact details can be added. After the user is created, a confirmation mail is being send out to the mail address, which needs to be confirmed.

At the bottom of the field, different options can be enabled in relation to the password, activation or user logout.

In the User panel, users can also be activated manually by clicking on the Active button. Here you can also Assign Users to Groups, Remove Users from Groups send Messages to All Users. 

How to Customize your Organization

Click in the administration panel on Settings

Here you have different options and can find modules, visibility, appearance, customize the logo and external login settings.

In the Appearance folder, you can add the description, as well as upload your logo and thumbnail.

In the folder Categories, new categories for categorizing the engagement activities can be created by clicking on Create or edit new categories. 

The Advanced Settings let you customize your organization even further, when it comes to enabling comments to the different engagement activities, enable demographic data for surveys as well as the delivery of data reports.

How to Export Data

The collected data and demographic inputs can be exported to be used and linked to other applications.
To export the data, in each engagement activity you can find the Export Button at the right corner.
Here you can extract all the answers to surveys, data collected from ideas and experiences into csv and xlsx files.
These can be integrated into other applications.

An impactful and purpose-driven community engagement platform.


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