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The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​

The easiest way to empower resident voices: WeSolve journey in El Campillo.

The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​
The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​

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In the lively city of Logroño, Spain, the newly constructed residential area of El Campillo began welcoming its residents, all eager to experience their new surroundings. As is common with freshly developed living areas, El Campillo faced the growing pains typical of such expansions. The initial lack of services within the area posed a significant challenge for the community and the residents found themselves in need of more support to truly make El Campillo feel like home.

Moreover, the community encountered several obstacles that often accompany not only new, but also already built developments. Issues such as public transportation connectivity, establishing effective waste management systems, street lighting and ensuring adequate security measures were at the forefront of the residents’ concerns. The absence of established social and support networks, which are crucial for fostering a sense of belonging and community, further compounded these challenges.



The community faced challenges in engaging its members actively, ensuring safety, and promoting sustainability. Issues such as inadequate community lighting, road safety concerns, limited cycle parking, and inefficient waste management needed urgent attention.


The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​
The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​
The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​
The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​



WeSolve emerged as a strategic tool to address these challenges by enabling inclusive community participation. Through this platform, residents could share ideas and report concerns, directly contributing to the community’s development.


Implementation process

The deployment of WeSolve involved a strategic, step-by-step process focusing on inclusivity, real-time reporting, and gamification to enhance community engagement.


Inclusive Participation

Ensuring every community member could contribute ideas and feedback.


Real-Time Reporting

Facilitating immediate reporting on issues like inadequate lighting and road safety hazards.


Safety Enhancement

Identifying and mitigating risks associated with community lighting and road safety.


Cycling Support

Determining optimal locations for cycle parking to encourage cycling.


Waste Solutions

Reporting and suggesting improvements for waste management and recycling.



Introducing a point system to incentivize participation with environmental benefits.



The introduction of WeSolve significantly transformed El Campillo, yielding tangible improvements in community engagement, safety, and sustainability.

Community Unity

Fostered a stronger sense of belonging and collective responsibility.

Sustainability Boost

Initiated effective waste management and cycling-friendly infrastructure.

Safety Improvements

Enhanced lighting and traffic measures significantly increased community safety.

Environmental Contribution

Gamification led to tangible environmental actions, like tree planting.



El Campillo’s experience with WeSolve underscores the profound impact digital platforms can have on community development. By facilitating a space for collaboration, feedback, and sustainable action, WeSolve has not only addressed immediate community challenges but also set a precedent for future engagement models. As communities worldwide adopt similar initiatives, a more sustainable and inclusive future becomes increasingly achievable. 

Engaging residents with tools like WeSolve is not just beneficial; it’s transformative.

The transformative impact of WeSolve in El Campillo​
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