Create democracy and drive sustainable progress to a place that gives everyone a home

Through engaging citizens into the political, social and economical decisions your local municipality takes, you ensure trust and turn livability into a common value.

Keep your citizens engaged for a democratic and fair development by collecting data through lived experiences, surveys or polls on  societal topics that matter. Use the WeSolve platform and its variety of engagement activities to keep the circularity between your citizens and your actions in line – to understand how they experience living in your local municipality and moving together forward towards a better tomorrow. 

WeSolve offers also a cost-effective solution to firstly understand every citizen’s needs in the mission of thriving for mutual progress and secondly, get them directly involved in achieving this progress in a sustainable and satisfactory way. 

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Inclusive co-creation process

WeSolve offers a cost-effective solution to engage your citizens into the municipal co-creation process

Improved livability

Mutual co-creation of a future that suits all increases the livability of your citizens and the satisfaction to live in your municipality

Democratic engagement

Engaging citizens in a democratic way shows progress on a national and international level and sets examples for a future built through collaboration

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