White-label community engagement platform for  

White-label community engagement platform

Listen, include, co-create and understand the needs of your community.


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Manage every stage of your engagement journey

WeSolve is a leading engagement platform designed to help you engage with your community at any stage of the engagement process. With WeSolve, you can create meaningful and impactful experiences that drive engagement and deliver real results.


All-in-one Engagement Platform

Use WeSolve in a variety of contexts to facilitate engagement, collaboration, and co-creation between different stakeholders.

Understand the needs of your community and implement them within your decision making process


Create surveys and polls to collect ideas and data from your community on topics of your choice. Turn these insights into valuable action for a sustainable future.

Drive Innovation

Encourage to think outside the box and implement your community directly into the decision-making process. 

Build Trust

By meeting your communities ideas and suggestions with seriousness, they know they are heard. This helps to build trust in your actions and increase satisfaction. 

Include Everyone

Break down language barriers in an inclusive way through our multi-language translation algorithm. All contents can be translated from more than 50+ languages.

Save Time

Create and analyze multiple engagement activities for different groups within one dashboard. You do not only save time but get the insights that you need immediately

Save Money

Is it hard and expensive to ensure each target group is reached? Start using WeSolve and save money, while engaging with multiple demographic groups


Collaborate synchronously and drive innovation through engagement

Multiple products you can choose to fit your purpose


Customer Testimonials

Victor Gimeo Férnandez

Victor Gimeo Férnandez

Citizen Engagement Manager - City of Logroño

WeSolve has helped Logroño to know the opinion of its citizens and to improve participation in the process of co-creation of urban mobility. All this in an easy-to-use, interactive and dynamic tool that allows users to connect with the City Council on topics of interest.”

Mette Daugård

Mette Daugård

Direktør for Marketing and Kommunikation - EWII

“There is a democratic aspect to WeSolve’s product, which aligns with our values in the EWII Group. At the same time, their specific service fits well with our business, which, among other things, is to deliver electricity, water and heat smoothly to all our customers. It requires that you constantly keep an eye on the development of your customers’ needs”

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