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What is the most important thing, when it comes to innovation?

An open mind – because only when all layers of structure, routines and everything there is already, is being stripped away, innovation in it´s purest form can be reached. The world would not be the place it is today, if people would not have thought past the possible. Innovation has been part of everything we see and experience today as human beings and can also be easily incorporated into your work. Because progress and development are never standing still – it is only a matter of allowing your community to be a part of the innovation process. 

Whether you are a municipality, private company, NGO or other entity, WeSolve helps you to keep up the good work while incorporating an innovative mindset that thrives on change in the most optimal way. By expanding the process of defining the future to your members or employees, you let different viewpoints create a stage of innovation in its purest form. Different people have different ideas about the same subject and ideas might spark, which you did not consider before, purely by involving everybody equally.
Involve everyone to build sustainable solutions while keeping an open mindset for the impossible. The WeSolve framework allows you to collect ideas and suggestions and turn them into valuable data that creates and innovates. 

An open mind and a shared purpose can combine many ideas into a new tomorrow

Efficient brainstorming

Encourage your community to think outside the box in an impactful manner

Turn ideas into actions

Collect new ideas and insights and turn them into action

Cost-effective innovation

Innovate and create solutions in a cost-effective and efficient manner through mutual engagement

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Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


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