Co-create inclusive employee engagement

Empower employees to provide valuable feedback and insights for a more thriving working environment.

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Employee engagement

For employees

Share feedback​

Workplace environment

Work-life balance 

Managerial leadership

Answer surveys

Employees’ morale

Career fulfillment

Collaboration with colleagues and managers

Make an impact

Participation in CSR programs

Vote on ideas to support social and environmental issues

Earn points to spend in CSR initiatives

Employee Engagement
Employee Engagement

For managers

Monitor KPIs

Employees’ satisfaction

Quality KPIs

Specific issues

Engage employees




Reward employees

“Plant a tree” reward

Gift cards / virtual debit cards

Donations to non-profit organisations

A set of unique features for an effective employee engagement

Cloud SaaS solution

No software installation needed


Automatic translations from +90 languages


User friendly both on mobile and desktop


Retention and motivation through rewards 


Break any language barriers 

Brand identity

Fully customisable interface

Understand what your employees need, to take their work and their performance to the next level

WeSolve offers a cost-effective engagement platform, that focuses on all your and your employees needs, which drives development through solidarity. 

Through the playful and gamified approach, you can not only engage your employees in the process of co-creation but also increase their satisfaction and furthermore, performance.
By implementing WeSolve into the stack of your daily tools, you show your employees that you care – and foster a work culture of mutual decision-making and inclusion, which they will be thankful for. Because only a company run together, succeeds together. 

Employee Engagement

Start today in involving everyone

Inclusive co-creation process

Engage employees directly into the decision-making process

Higher work quality

Foster a work culture of mutual understanding and co-creation

Better satisfaction

Improve your employees performance and work satisfaction through daily engagement activities

Explore the main features of WeSolve engagement platform


Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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