Build a thriving and inclusive community

Provide a direct line for residents to communicate their needs and concerns, improving transparency and trust within the community.

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An inclusive and responsive web platform to empower residents

Improved communication

WeSolve enables better interaction among residents, management, and stakeholders, ensuring important information is shared effectively

Resident participation

The platform allows residents to actively contribute to community decisions and problem-solving, enhancing their involvement and satisfaction

Efficient problem resolution

WeSolve streamlines the process of addressing and resolving community issues, leading to faster and more effective solutions

Strengthened community bonds

WeSolve promotes social connections and a sense of belonging among residents, helping to build a supportive and inclusive community

Language inclusivity

The platform removes language barriers, making it accessible to residents of diverse linguistic backgrounds, ensuring everyone can participate fully

Comprehensive features

Integration of AI, gamification, and customizable options (white-label solutions) makes the platform versatile and engaging, meeting a wide range of community needs

Improve community engagement with WeSolve

WeSolve transforms social housing by streamlining communication and encouraging resident engagement. It tackles challenges like ineffective communication and community disconnection by offering a platform for easy interaction and active participation.

Key features like AI, gamification, and language inclusivity make WeSolve engaging and accessible, fostering a strong community bond and a vibrant, inclusive living environment where residents actively contribute to improvements, elevating their quality of life and community cohesion.


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Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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