Porto: Engaging Employees

Within the realm of the CommuniCity Project WeSolve helped the organization ACCP in Porto solve exactly that issue and gave them a digital tool to engage employees in an easy-to-use and hands-on way. 

Through the multi-faceted usability of the WeSolve platform and its various engagement activities, the ACCP used surveys and challenges to let their employees actively shape and frame the work environment, while the new functions kept everyone in the company up-to-date with the latest implementations and news. 

Challenges: Through the challenge activities, organizations and companies are able to give a challenge to the employees that they need to collect data on. 

A challenge is designed as an open-ended question about a topic of choice, whereas all the ideas of employees to solve this challenge can be collected and reviewed in the app as qualitative data. Another word for the challenge could also be collaboration, since it allows management to ask open-ended questions in regards to anything, concerning company culture, which can start by changing the food supplier of the cafeteria, over project development within the next quarter to strategic planning of research and development. 

Surveys: To gather qualitative and quantitative data from the workplace, surveys are a great option, as they allow one to focus on a specific case or challenge, that needs solving. 

For example in the case of ACCP, a survey was created when it came to the planning of an anniversary celebration of the organization, or in the case of developing the portfolio of EU-funded projects. 

Surveys are a great tool as they allow to specifically ask qualitative and quantitative questions, depending on the outcome and goal, and allow the employee to give direct input, which can also be done anonymously. 

News: To communicate the realizability of the collected ideas and data, but also the implementation of new frameworks and progressions, the news functions offer a great tool to communicate knowledge, information, and more to all departments within the company. 

This also contains the communication of information to different occupational groups, and stakeholders as many different things can be easily communicated to many different employee circles. 

Furthermore, the news functions allow the organization to keep their employees up to date and share valuable information on upcoming events, such as the organization of the yearly summit. 

Categories: Another feature that was heavily used by ACCP was categories. The organization focuses on housing and caring for the elderly as well as people with 

cerebral palsy, which means within the organizations are lots of different occupations such as physiologists, psychologists, caretakers, or nurses. By categorizing these occupations through categories, specific engagement activities, which are only one occupational group can be linked with that specific marker. 

This means that in the case of an organization or workplace with many different entities and people, categories allow to target only specific people with one engagement activity, whereas another group can be directly engaged through another activity. 

Also communicated news and progress can easily be targeted to be received only by the ones it is intended for. 

Managing engagement activities in categories makes it immensely efficient as different stakeholders and employee groups will only see the activities, which relate directly to them and their function in the organization or company. 

A Change of Habit: Onboarding and the Shift towards Digital Employee Engagement

Introducing new solutions to engage employees in a digital way might be met either with open arms or some resistance due to the fact, that in most companies people of all mindsets, ages, and social groups are employed. This means that it can take some time to make all employees equally understand the importance and adoption of a new solution such as WeSolve, whereas a good change management process is key for success. 

Speaking with people from different departments about the current way opinions on ideas from employees are gathered and what positive change the WeSolve platform in terms of engagement, co-creation, and the overall implementation of new ideas, could be a great start to introducing the notion of change. 

The WeSolve White-Label Solution makes it incredibly easy to keep the organizations’ corporate design and identity within the engagement activities and through the customizable URL the borders between the platform and the company are completely instinctual. 

The call to action to use the platform as an important method to foster employee engagement in a serious and committed way will have a great impact on the company culture, employee satisfaction, and overall how the company develops and evolves as one unit towards its common goal. Because it lets people be heard and makes their opinions matter. 

Because WeSolve – engages everyone. 

Engage your community with an impactful and purpose-driven platform.

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