Sustainability and sense of community in El Campillo with WeSolve

In the heart of El Campillo, a sustainable community thrives, not just on its green initiatives but on the collective spirit and collaboration of its residents. The introduction of WeSolve, a dynamic digital platform, has been a game-changer, enabling the community to come together, share ideas, and actively participate in shaping a more sustainable, inclusive, and safe environment.

El campillo, residential area in Logroño (Spain)

El campillo, residential area in Logroño (Spain)

Inclusive participation

WeSolve has served as a valuable tool for fostering engagement among residents. It provided a platform for collecting ideas and voices, ensuring that every member of the community has the opportunity to contribute to its development. This inclusivity and active participation have been pivotal in building a stronger, more united community.

Sustainability and sense of community in El Campillo with WeSolve


Collaborative efforts for a brighter community

One of the standout features of WeSolve is its ability to empower residents to directly impact their surroundings.  A significant improvement noted was in the area of community lighting. Residents could report specific locations where lighting was inadequate, leading to enhanced illumination and, consequently, a safer community environment. This ability to pinpoint and report issues in real-time has been a crucial step in ensuring the well-being and security of the community members.

Enhancing road safety and cycle parking

Another critical area where WeSolve made a difference is road safety. By identifying roads near buildings where cars were speeding, residents could bring attention to these potential hazards. This information has been vital in implementing measures to slow down traffic and make the streets safer for everyone, demonstrating the power of community-driven change.

Leveraging the collective insights of residents, WeSolve has been instrumental in identifying optimal locations for cycle parking. This initiative not only supports the growing culture of cycling within the community but also addresses practical concerns around the accessibility and safety of bicycle storage.

Waste management and recycling initiatives

One significant area where WeSolve facilitated improvement was in waste management and recycling efforts. Residents used the platform to report issues related to waste collection and to suggest locations for new recycling bins.

Gamification for sustainability

Adding an innovative twist to community engagement, WeSolve introduced a gamification model that made participation not only rewarding but also environmentally beneficial. Residents could earn points through their contributions, which could then be used in the app’s reforestation program to plant real trees. This approach has made the act of participating more interactive and meaningful, with tangible benefits for the planet.

Sustainability and sense of community in El Campillo with WeSolve

The tool for co-creation and improvement

Victor Gimeo Férnandez, the Citizen Engagement Manager for the City of Logroño, praises WeSolve for its impact:

“WeSolve has helped Logroño to know the opinion of its residents and to improve participation in the process of co-creation. All this in an easy-to-use, interactive, and dynamic tool.”

His statement encapsulates the essence of WeSolve – facilitating a collaborative environment where residents feel valued and empowered to contribute to their community’s growth and well-being.

    The story of El Campillo is a testament to how digital platforms like WeSolve can transform communities.

    By providing a channel for collaboration and feedback, and incentivizing participation through sustainable actions, WeSolve has laid the groundwork for a model of community engagement that is both effective and enriching.

    As more communities like El Campillo embrace such innovative solutions, the path towards a more sustainable and inclusive future becomes clearer and more attainable.

    Engage your residents – with WeSolve.

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