Environmental policy

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Our platform’s strengths lie in our ability to overcome challenges, through the identification of issues, offering you the ability to make data based decisions, together with your community.

In order to achieve the goals of a green transition toward a net zero future, we believe it is of paramount importance to empower people at all levels, to come to be the most effective and widely accepted solutions.

Sustainable Impact

To date, we have a number of success stories, and projects currently underway. In Barcelona, we are working on a project called ‘Inclusify’, which aims to create a safe, inclusive and equitable mobility system for the city of Barcelona. The project highlights women’s experiences of public transport, hearing their views on how to make their experience feel safer. To achieve this, we are gathering information on issues, keeping users updated about their values. We are creating surveys and polls to collect opinions from women, to visualise and analyse the aggregated data. Through this we are creating challenges, explaining the content and goals, setting deadlines and managing the status of, and viewing the ideas proposed by women.

In Logroño, Spain, WeSolve has been working in conjunction with the city, EIT Urban Mobility and Trivector, to develop, test and implement an innovative new methodology to co-create and enhance sustainable mobility. The project aims at improving citizen engagement on topics related to urban mobility, encouraging them to take an active role in the decision making process.

In Denmark, we are actively working to continually engage citizens in the democratic process. As our platform auto-translates into over 90 languages, we seek to allow citizens who do not have a grasp of the Danish language to engage in the political process. WeSolve managed to bring 5000 people together in two live events, where non-native citizens could meet candidates for the upcoming elections. The WeSolve platform seeks to engage people from all backgrounds, on the most important issues.

WeSolve is also used as main citizen engagement platform by the Fusilli project (European project) to promote local sustainable food initiatives in the Danish municipality of Kolding.

Given the complex, intersecting forms of experience within the energy transition, that have an impact on all stakeholders and actors involved, an approach that considers and analyses as many perspectives as possible, is necessary for the decision making process to be successful. There is a clear need for organisations to become more participatory, inclusive and mindful of the lived experiences of all stakeholders, if the transition is to be widely supported. This is where WeSolve’s strengths lie. Through the use of our platform, knowledge gaps can be filled, and people can become empowered to engage with your company’s transition goals in the most meaningful way possible.

Robust multi-sectoral coordination is needed for the green transition to be a success. We do not have time to waste if we are to meet our carbon reduction targets. Through the use of WeSolve, new ideas, perspectives, plans and solutions can be discussed, analysed, improved upon, and implemented, giving your business the best possible opportunity to include your stakeholders views in the decision making process.

Our personal contribution

At WeSolve we encourage and promote sustainable mobility, most of the personnel (90%) embrace the biking culture: more than 40000 Km are covered by bike every year.

Environmental policy

In our office we engage in sustainable practices regarding waste disposals (we reuse, recycle, upcycle materials), we don’t make use of printed papers for our daily office work, we don’t use bottled water, we eat sustainable seasonal local food, we avoid business travels by plane and we make use primarily of green sources for our electricity (74% renewable).

Environmental policy

Source: Energy sources for electricity production in Denmark, Statista 2022

WeSolve Environmental Policy

WeSolve’s first corporate environmental policy has recently been implemented by WeSolve’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Simone Leomanni, and shall be continually updated on a regular basis. WeSolve’s environmental goals and our ability to achieve these are reviewed by senior management within the company, those responsible for coordinating our internal position’s and practices on issues of significant importance to WeSolve, such as improving the environmental performance of the company.

WeSolve strives towards excellence in all aspects of our company’s performance, and this includes our leadership and performance as it relates to our environmental goals. WeSolve is committed to making our company a fantastic place to work, while concurrently making the world a better place to live. To achieve this, we are currently working toward the attainment of four of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

  • Sustainable Cities and Communities: Through numerous projects WeSolve is involved in, we are working towards enhancing cities and communities abilities to become safer, more sustainable and more resilient. Through our inclusive, participatory approach toward achieving this goal, WeSolve is actively working on achieving a more sustainable, environmentally friendly future.
  • Reduced Inequality: Through our platform, WeSolve is actively helping to reduce inequalities in the world. Through empowerment of all people, regardless of age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion or economic background, WeSolve promotes the inclusion of all. Inclusivity is of paramount importance to achieving an environmentally and socially sustainable future.
  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: WeSolve helps institutions to become more transparent. Through our expertise in enhancing co-creation, allowing for responsive, inclusive and participatory decision-making, WeSolve brings an effective, accountable and transparent seat to the decision making table.
  • Partnerships for the Goals: WeSolve facilitates the most effective partnerships possible, which is key for public, private and civil organisations to implement their environmental goals into their design structures.

Understanding what communities want and need is at the core of what WeSolve does. The more significant the issue, the more important it is that we engage with those who are to be affected. When it comes to environmental issues, the importance of this cannot be understated. Environmental change affects all of us, as we all exist within an environment. It is therefore necessary for us to have clear goals regarding our environmental status.

Our relationships and engagement with municipalities, organisations and their communities are key to WeSolve’s environmental policy. WeSolve aims to channel the voices of the many, into making the best choices possible to limiting negative impacts on the environment.

WeSolve recognises that protecting the environment today is key to creating a sustainable business model for the future.

WeSolve is seeking to minimise all the environmental impacts of our business activities.

WeSolve currently complies with all relevant environmental legislation.

WeSolve regularly reviews how we operate as a business, enabling our services to be delivered with as low an environmental impact as possible.

WeSolve promotes the continual improvement of our environmental performance and environmental awareness.

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