Protect the privacy of citizens and the community

Ensure the expression of speech is not hindered and opinions can be shared.

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Sensible situations require sensible handling

Freedom of expression

When sharing delicate experiences about a second-hand party, anonymous commenting ensures absolute freedom of expression

Anonymous participation

When fostering engagement in a country where certain public opinions are not tolerated, anonymous participation ensures co-creation without personal consequences

GDPR compliance

Ensure that your engagement activities are compliant with national and international GDPR Regulations by offering anonymous participation

Make sure that speech is not impeded and that people are free to share their opinions

Sharing experiences and ideas can be valuable, but some individuals may not want to associate them with their personal identity. They may be hesitant to reveal their identity through comments or likes, or concerned about the collection and use of their personal data. Additionally, certain demographic groups may be marginalized due to political or social views, and it is crucial to uphold the right to privacy in such circumstances.

At our organization, we recognize the importance of respecting individuals’ privacy and enabling their participation in community development efforts. To this end, we provide opportunities for anonymous participation, communication, and commenting, which allows for the inclusion of those who may be oppressed and ensures that everyone can contribute to positive change.

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