Refine feedback through discussion

Comments and likes give you the perfect tool to understand what your community wants

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Engagement: Comments and likes

Turn users actions into data, that helps you to understand what matters most

Promote conversation

Create coherent engagement through discussion

Better understanding

Comments are an easy way to understand a topic from various perspectives

Community feedback

Extract positive reinforcement of an idea through likes and know what your community wants the most

Comments and likes give you the perfect tool to understand what your community wants

Through conversation, concepts and meanings can be extracted in a cohesive manner as two people share their opinions. These ideas can then be connected to form a larger picture, like puzzle pieces fitting together. The WeSolve framework facilitates discussions by allowing individuals to comment on engagement activities. This leads to a comprehensive engagement experience that takes into account multiple perspectives and allows for the exploration of solutions that meet everyone’s needs.

The ability for individuals to like ideas or comments that they agree with provides valuable insights into the preferences of certain demographic groups and can help identify solutions that are widely accepted. The WeSolve platform makes it easy to participate in discussions by allowing users to quickly and easily comment and like any content.

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