Integrate the tools you need most within your daily work

Include all your essentials and encompass more than 5000 applications into the WeSolve platform.

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Enterprise: External Integrations

WeSolve can be added to your bundle of daily digital tools to connect engagement to the purpose of your work.

Integration with 5000+ apps

Integrate your current tools with over 5000 Apps thanks to Zapier

API access

Extend your tools with the WeSolve platform APIs


Get notified when a member interact with WeSolve

Access over 5000 applications and include all your essentials within the WeSolve platform

To effectively communicate with stakeholders, different tools may be required for different situations, making integration a necessity. With WeSolve, engagement can seamlessly become a part of daily routines, allowing for sustainable co-creation and decision-making. We understand that everyone has unique needs when driving meaningful projects and purpose.

Including WeSolve in your daily essentials is a simple process, thanks to APIs and webhooks like Zapier, which can connect engagement with everything you need to accomplish your goals.

Enterprise: External Integrations


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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