Make engagement purposeful and rewarding

Motivate your community in a playful and stimulating way to keep up the good work and stay engaged

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Engagement: Gamification

Make engagement activities impactful and rewarding

Contribute to reforestation

Help to reforest the ecosystem by giving your community a voice

Playful engagement

Engage with purpose in a fun and playful way

Keep engagement retention

Create motivation and keep your communities engagement on a consistent level

Engage your community with sustainable rewards

To keep your community engaged and connected to a meaningful purpose, make challenges fun and socially impactful. Turn idea submission into a game and reward the person who submits the most ideas, motivating participation and improving performance.

WeSolve users earn points for submissions, which can be exchanged for tree planting through our partner, the Eden Reforestation Project. This creates a sustainable and ecological engagement model, contributing to a better future for the planet and your community.

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