Publish news to drive participation and connection

By staying informed, people feel connected, and more likely to participate in important discussions. Use WeSolve to promote participation based on your community’s needs and interests.

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Engagement: News
Engagement: News

Share information to form opinions and foster engagement


Inform about topics that are relevant to your engagement group


Communicate topics to the people, that benefit from them the most

Knowledge sharing

Create knowledge and shape collective opinions

Create knowledge and insights about future objectives and leave no one in the dark

Our perceptions shape our opinions. To form opinions on workplace, university, community, or societal issues, we need information. In today’s world, knowledge is power and sharing information is essential for fostering engagement and social movements. WeSolve lets you share relevant information with your community, empowering them to make informed decisions.

Don’t leave your community in the dark. Share information and encourage engagement. Only by sharing knowledge can we build solutions for a better future that considers everyone’s needs.

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Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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