Keep your community on track and up-to-date

Include everyone with immediate notifications about current engagement activities

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Notify users for new challenges and keep users updated with the progress of their submission

Smart notifications

Be up-to-date with new comments and activities – even close to the deadline


Notify your community immediately about new surveys and polls to participate in

Keep community engaged

Keep the engagement level high by consistently keeping in dialogue with your community

Notify everyone promptly about ongoing engagement activities to ensure inclusion

In this age of technological advancement, it can be overwhelming for individuals to keep up with everything happening in the world. It can be challenging to sift through important and irrelevant news while also engaging with the community’s progress, which can be exhausting.

To alleviate the feeling of being uninformed, the WeSolve platform sends push notifications to its users, specifically about their ongoing engagements and preferences. This way, users only receive notifications about their current activities, helping them focus on the engagement that matters most to them. Being notified of new challenges, ideas, or surveys ensures that users can carry on with their daily routines without constantly checking the WeSolve application for updates.

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