Surveys and polls for community impact

Promote informed decision-making and active engagement with insightful community feedback

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Engagement: Surveys & Polls
Engagement: Surveys & Polls

Easily create surveys and polls that reflect your current objectives

Flexible goal-oriented surveys

Condense your own agenda into surveys and polls to get exactly the answers that you need

Qualitative feedback​

Let people express them freely in surveys and convey the answers into qualitative data

Quantitative feedback​

Use polls for a number-driven assessment and visualize the insights for data-driven decisions

Empower community feedback through surveys and polls

WeSolve surveys and polls enable community members to share their feedback effectively, shaping local decision-making. This tool gather insights on public sentiment, guiding leaders to address community needs accurately. By involving community’s members in this process, WeSolve strengthens civic engagement and enhances responsive governance.

Create metrics that matter

Create polls and surveys that fit your specific needs and gather the answers you need to make informed decisions. 

Our user-friendly management panel enables you to design surveys and polls that align with your current objectives and generate valuable insights. Set deadlines to encourage participation and access statistical summaries with ease through the dashboard. Share results with your team and stakeholders to ensure everyone is on the same page.

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Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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