Keep track of your engagement activities

Manage engagement results in a purpose-driven way

Managing people’s individual opinions and viewpoints can become a difficult task since the amount of feedback and ideas can easily become overwhelming to keep track of everything. Here organization is key when wanting to abstract data out of a variety of topics and experiences to understand how people make sense of a certain outcome, project or development.

Through the WeSolve platform, you can easily categorize and manage your collected ideas, feedback, and engagements in an efficient manner. Shape the engagement in a way, that makes the most sense for your achievements and organize the activities and outcomes for your purpose. Whether you want to focus on quantitative measurements or qualitative experiences, for the goal of your project, we have the right management tool.

Engagement Activities: Manage

Surveys, polls, shared experiences and comments can add a lot of value to your work.

Keep them in check in a way that matters most for your goal.

Dashboard & Reports

Overview of the engagement activities in a visually appealing manner

Easy management

Organize the engagement activities according to your goal and purpose

Time-framed activities

Set a deadline on engagement activities to stay within the time frame

Explore the main features of WeSolve engagement platform


Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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