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Let your community participate, directly on the go.

The smartphone has become a stable tool for each of us in daily life. We use it to check our bank account, do our daily shopping or find a potential life partner. Now also public participation and sharing experiences, that matter for the future of the community, is right at your fingertips. Through the WeSolve Mobile app, you can gather feedback and let participants share their stories and opinions in a quick way over their smart devices.

This is especially useful when for example focusing on improvements in a certain neighborhood. People might not have an answer at the top of their heads but the idea-sharing tool over the smartphone allows them to participate, right at the moment when the idea gets created by a walk through that neighborhood. To become an active driver of change, here and now and everywhere.

Engagement Tools: WeSolve Mobile App

Gather ideas, feedback and other engagement activities directly through the smartphone

Let participants share their stories and opinions in a quick way over their smart devices.

Easy and accessible

Make it easy and accessible for your community to participate in polls and surveys directly through their smartphones

24/7 engagement

Share opinions that might come to mind during a specific moment – directly in that moment through your phone

Android and iOS support

Available for Android and iOS so no one is left behind

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Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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