Participation in the here and now, for understanding experiences in the moment

Collect feedback quickly and inclusevily

The WeSolve Point incorporates a physical totem, which is useful to collect ideas and engage the public in specifically selected public areas. It is easily placeable in a location of your choice and lets you gather direct insights regarding user experience or improvement suggestions of a location, service, or other entity. It is great for measuring instant satisfaction during an event, fair, or any other public gathering and has the advantage that participants can share their experience directly as they are living and feeling it.

By incorporating the WeSolve Point in the immediate environment that is open for public suggestion and improvement, it creates a direct connection to the space.

Engagement Tools: WeSolve Point

Gather direct insights regarding user satisfaction or improvement suggestions

Direct engagement

Let people share their experiences directly within the public space

Easy setup

Easily transportable to any room or event space of your choice

For private and public spaces

Usable for collecting opinions in museums, libraries, town halls, universities, and other spaces

Explore the main features of WeSolve engagement platform


Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


Advanced features for medium-large sized organizations

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