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Even though the smartphone has been taking over people’s lives rapidly, there are either still some among us who deliberately do not like to use one. Also for the elderly engaging in activities on the small screen could be a challenge. When it comes to sharing ideas and the act of typing the into the WeSolve application, a bigger keyboard on a laptop or computer might be another reason why a web-based engagement platform is essential for public engagement. In that way, certain demographic groups are included and have an equal chance to participate in the activities and share their ideas.

Even though innovation is key for a forward-thinking development strategy, it is also as important to not leave people behind who struggle with rapid technological developments. 

Gather ideas, feedback and other engagement activities anywhere through a browser

Let participants share their stories and opinions in a quick way anywhere

Web-based engagement

Foster engagement through the browser both on a mobile and on a desktop

Natural workflow

Incorporate engagement activities in a natural workflow  – without distraction through the smartphone

More inclusion

Engage also people who do not want to download an app on the smartphone in the co-creation process

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Understand the needs of your community


Make sure nobody is left behind


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