Empowering communities with greater resilience to effectively respond to hazards and disasters.

Resilience Bridge Net (ReBriNet)

There is a need for instruments that facilitate improved prevention and preparedness in crises, extreme events and natural disasters. 

Emergency management is all about protecting our communities by bringing together various efforts. It helps us build and enhance our ability to deal with natural disasters, acts of terrorism, and other unforeseen crises. Whether it’s preparing for the worst, responding when it happens, or recovering afterward, emergency management plays a vital role in keeping us safe and resilient.

ReBriNet solution, co-funded by SecurIT and developed in collaboration with CenSec (Center for Defence, Space & Security), the Red Cross and Unicef, focuses on helping first and second responders to manage crises during disasters and improving resilience of impacted communities.

ReBriNet, is a cutting-edge technology designed to help the coordination and decision-making of first and second responders by providing during all the operation real-time information directly from local communities affected by the disaster. Local communities during a disaster will be able to report crucial information through a digital web module that can be integrated in existing web/mobile emergency solutions and available within WeSolve that enhances cross-communication capabilities with inclusive and effective communication.

A platform designed to facilitate emergency response coordination and improve community resilience.

Efficient communication

Enhanced communication efficiency through AI-backed topic analysis

Feedback into actions

Turn issues reported by impacted communities into actions

Improved resilience

Enabling disaster resilience by engaging local communities

Removed language barriers

Content auto-translated from more than 90 languages

Digital triage

Digital surveys for assessing the impacted communities

Map-based interaction

Visualisation of reported issues on interactive maps

ReBriNet Approach to Emergency Management

  • Comprehensive: The ReBriNet solution considers all hazards, phases, stakeholders, and impacts relevant to disasters.
  • Progressive: The ReBriNet solution proactively prepare individuals for future disasters to create resilient communities.
  • Risk-Driven: ReBriNet decisions are guided by sound risk management principles.
  • Integrated: ReBriNet ensure unity of effort among all stakeholders and community elements.
  • Collaborative: ReBriNet fosters trust, teamwork, consensus, and communication among individuals and organizations.
  • Coordinated: ReBriNet synchronizes activities to achieve a common purpose.
  • Flexible: ReBriNet employ flexible solutions to address disaster challenges.
  • Professional: ReBriNet uphold a science-based, knowledge-driven approach with a commitment to continuous improvement.

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