Enhance emergency response

Leverage ReBriNet for effective crisis management and improved local engagement and community resilience

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Emergency Management

A platform designed to facilitate emergency response coordination and improve community resilience.

Efficient communication

Enhanced communication efficiency through AI-backed topic analysis

Feedback into actions

Turn issues reported by impacted communities into actions

Improved resilience

Enabling disaster resilience by engaging local communities

Removed language barriers

Content auto-translated from more than 90 languages

Digital triage

Digital surveys for assessing the impacted communities

Map-based interaction

Visualisation of reported issues on interactive maps

Revolutionizing disaster response with ReBriNet and WeSolve

ReBriNet leverages WeSolve to enhance disaster response, connecting affected communities directly with responders. This synergy enables quick, effective communication and community involvement in emergencies, streamlining crisis management.

With AI analysis, digital triage, and interactive maps, rebriNet offers advanced tools for a deeper insight into disasters and better decision-making. This approach not only addresses immediate challenges but also boosts long-term community resilience.

ReBriNet solution, co-funded by SecurIT and developed in collaboration with CenSec (Center for Defence, Space & Security), the Red Cross and Unicef, focuses on helping first and second responders to manage crises during disasters and improving resilience of impacted communities.

Emergency Management

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