Enhance community engagement in European projects

Fostering stakeholder involvement, information dissemination, and collaborative innovation

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European Projects

Empowering European projects through community-driven innovation

Collaboration and dissemination

Wesolve promotes inclusive engagement of researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, and citizens, facilitating the sharing and dissemination of knowledge to meet collective objectives

Enhanced transparency

WeSolve acts as a central platform for timely updates and findings, ensuring transparency and accountability

Research through citizen participation

By enabling effective collaboration and encouraging citizen input, the platform amplifies research impact with broader community insights and feedback

Improve local governance through citizen engagement

WeSolve revolutionizes stakeholder engagement in Horizon 2020 projects by uniting researchers, industry leaders, policymakers, and citizens in a collaborative ecosystem. It facilitates the dissemination of project insights and outcomes, ensuring transparency and building trust. This inclusive approach not only meets Horizon 2020’s innovation goals but also amplifies the relevance and effectiveness of research efforts by incorporating diverse perspectives.

The platform also plays a crucial role in enhancing research through citizen participation. It supports interactive tools and engaging communication, inviting the community to contribute insights and feedback. This enriches the projects with valuable data and fosters a deeper societal impact, while its networking capabilities promise sustained benefits and future collaborations beyond the project’s lifespan.

European Projects

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