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Inclusive Public Transportation

Join us in transforming public transport

Qualitative & quantitative customer data collection

Collect data about the public transportation experience directly from your customer and help to improve your services

Pro-active improvements

Understand how and where the public transportation system can be improved and find solutions in a pro-active manner

Co-create a greener tomorrow

Make the shift towards a greener and smarter city through co-creation practices within your public transportation system

Shape the future of city mobility through community engagement

WeSolve plays a pivotal role in addressing the dual challenge of reducing urban car usage and enhancing public transportation, by facilitating community engagement. It provides a platform for citizens to contribute insights on public transit experiences, helping cities like Barcelona improve accessibility, reliability, and overall service quality through direct feedback and collaborative problem-solving.

Barcelona’s example, supported by AMB Vosaltres, demonstrates the impact of collecting community feedback on public transport services. WeSolve’s inclusive approach and multi-language capabilities ensure that both local residents and international tourists can easily share their feedback, driving improvements that benefit everyone who navigates the city.

Inclusive Public Transportation

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